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Forest Promotions has over 30 years experience in design, branding and the manufacture of Promotional Merchandise.

The company was formed in 1999 with the current format and name being launched in 2009 when we introduced our extensive range of branded Promotional Merchandise products including pens, notebooks, USB’s, mugs and the like with a full range of clothing, bags and tablecloths.

Over the years we have supplied literally millions of custom made binders, wallets, folders, covers, boxes, cases and a wide selection of packaging products made in card, PVC, polypropylene, paper over board, PU and leather always with environmental issues at the top of our agenda.

Our processes are so varied in line with the massive range of products that we supply-our branding techniques include litho, screen, transfer, vinyl, pad and digital printing, plus we supply goods that are embroidered, engraved, etched, blocked, debossed, embossed, vanished, stitched and encapsulated.

Our customers are also quite diverse-indeed we supply all sectors from Training Companies such as City and Guilds and Open University as well as schools, colleges and universities. We also supply the NHS, government organisations and departments, associations, solicitors, insurance companies, banks, publishers, pharmaceutical companies, charities, supermarkets and numerous others.